The state of the watershed 2005

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Page 1 - Cover

Page 2 - Letter from the Publisher; Watershed Map

Page 3 - Contents;
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Page 4 - When it rains, it pours - into the bay - Streambank Stabilization; Trying Something New; Helping Mother Nature; Gathering more information; Streambank Inventory
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Page 5 - When it rains, it pours - into the bay (cont'd) - Stormwater Infrastructure; Reaching Out/Education; Storm Drain Stenciling; Stormwater Toolkit; Solving Problems
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Page 6 - Grants and projects
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Page 7 - A voice for clean water

Page 8 - Links to learn more; On the watershed

Page 9 - Everyday ways to save the bay

Page 10 - Restoration & protection - Purple Loosestrife Project; Boardman Lake Cleanup; Wild Link: Maintaining Ecological Corridors

Page 11 - Restoration & protection (from page 10) - Protecting an Urban Oasis; GT Conservation District updates Boardman River and Yuba Creek erosion surveys; Finding Common Ground: Exploring Opportunities for Joint Municipal Planning Around GT Bay; Clean Boating

Page 12 - Restoration & protection (from page 11) - DTE Energy's Freshwater Institute for Teachers; Monitoring Update: Torch Lake project; Buoy Deployment
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Page 13 - Giving back more for our future; What is your watershed address?
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Page 14 - Using muscle to prevent zebra mussels
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Page 15 - The Watershed Center contact info; Donation form
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Page 16 - About the Watershed Center
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